Microsoft Teams has increased as a challenging competitor to Z m, a video conferencing app.

Microsoft Teams has increased as a challenging competitor to Z m, a video conferencing app.

Z m makes it really simple to mute a participant that is individual mute all members. That might make you wonder — does Microsoft Teams provide exact same capabilities for muting? In this article, we’ll let you know how to mute and unmute individuals or attendees in a Microsoft Teams conference.

The background noise from the users for a call could be very distracting. For that, calling apps, especially video conferencing apps, should allow the admin or the organizer mute all the participants.

Let’s observe the mute function works in Microsoft Teams and exactly how to mute yourself along with other attendees or individuals.

How to Mute Yourself in Teams Meeting

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You may either mute your self before joining a meeting or when you are in the meeting. Here are the steps for both of these.

1. Mute and Unmute Yourself After Joining a Meeting

Here’s how exactly to do it on desktop and apps that are mobile.

Mute Yourself on Desktop

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Regarding the desktop app, if you are on a call, you shall start to see the options t lbar present in the bottom. Go through the microphone icon to mute yourself.

Yourself, you will see that the microphone icon has a bar over it when you mute. To unmute yourself, click on the icon that is same.

Mute Yourself on Android and iOS

To mute your self for a call, tap regarding the display when to show the drifting options t lbar. Then, tap on the microphone symbol to mute your self.

If you have muted yourself, you’ll see the mute symbol (microphone by having a club) in the bottom regarding the screen. Touch regarding the display showing the choices t lbar. Then, faucet on the microphone icon to unmute yourself.

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2. Mute and Unmute Your Self Before Joining a Meeting

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